Thursday, June 23, 2011

You want success


you are programmed for failure!

Am I trying to tell you that there is no hope for you to become successful? No, not if you understand what I am about to explain to you.

To illustrate this situation, I want to take you back with me to my birth. It was in July of 1937.  The country was just starting to come out of the Great Depression.

At that time, 96% of the population was self employed, mostly on the farm. It was a good family life, but it was also a lot of hard work. We learned teamwork from the time we were born. We learned how to think for ourselves within the teamwork.

But then there was a saying going throughout the whole county; (go to school, get a good education, and get a good job.)

Then the Second World War came along and there was a need for a lot of our women to go to work. And the push for getting a good education so you could get a good job was pushed even harder.

So then everyone was going clear through K through 12. And guess what, we are all taught the very same thing, Every one must think the very same way. And that was is to be the most productive for the company or the boss who writes your paycheck. (Who is going to pay you the least amount they have to pay to get the number of employees they need or want.)

Case in point is that if you can not or will not learn, think and produce in the narrow thinking you are being taught, we medicate you so that you do not disturb the class.                                    Albert Einstein during a lecture in Vienna in ...

I will give you two examples of what can happen when you move out of the box. Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison both could not function well in the classroom and midway through grade school, they where home schooled by their mothers. They developed projects which have benefited many people in the whole world. 
                                                                                                              Thomas edison gl├╝hbirne                                         Image via WikipediaThere are many very successful individuals beside these two. There are many young individuals in our schools who are not challenged today.

To succeed, we need to develop a positive attitude such as Edison had when he was asked
by a reporter how he felt after 64 failures before he finally found the way to make a better Light bulb filament. His answer was, “I was successful 64 times in finding the things that would not work. This was just part of the procedure.”

To Be Successful

Above all get Wisdom.

What is Wisdom?  Dictionary’s give many different examples. I am stepping out of the boat here and give you my observations.

Our human brain works like a computer or should I say, the computer was built and programmed to work like our brains.

A new born baby and a new computer are very much alike. They are preprogrammed with the automatic functions of startup:

Baby                                                 Computer

    Breathing                                           Open Screen
    Heart Beat                                         Open Keyboard
    Sleeping                                             Open Processor
    Waking                                               Open Hard Drive
    Sucking                                               Recording Data

Now, let’s watch them both develop.

A young child who has just learned to walk will use their arms and hands to balance against something. Many times, if there is a hot stove or other items, Mom or Dad will say, “don’t touch that, Hot”. Child will say “Hot,Hot,Hot”

The child is recording in memory (brain – hard dive) this data. At this point anything hot is bad. Now the child learns that some food is tastier if it is hot. This data is downloaded into the brain – hard drive.

As time goes by, more different data is loaded into the brain or hard drive. Experience shows that some hot is good and some is not. This experience is programming the processor in the brain and computer.
This is wisdom.

 The processor becomes more and more efficient in decision making because there is more experience about the data in the memory. Wisdom is the ability to make better decisions for the subject of the moment. Decisions of what will work or not work.                    

To become successful, we need to have an understanding like this old saying.      
(If I was on an airplane and it crashed in the middle of the Desert, I would find one who had already been in the desert and follow them out.)

Success comes with
  • a dream!
  • a goal to work towards!
  • not failure, added experience
  • positive attitude!
  • training from someone with experience
  • change our way of thinking

Friday, June 10, 2011

Logic 101

myocardial infarction - Myokardinfarkt - schemeImage via Wikipedia

      Logic 101

1. The Japanese eat very 
    little fat and suffer 
    fewer heart attacks 
    than the British  
    or Americans.

2. On the other hand,
    the French eat a 
    lot of fat and also
    suffer fewer heart&n
    attacks than the                   
    British or Americans.

Horse LaughImage by Bill Gracey via Flickr

3. Conclusion:   Eat what
    what you like. It is
    speaking English that
    is killing you.

   What do you think?.                                      

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