Friday, February 22, 2013

What did Rehab do for me?+

  1. It made me aware of my physical body and how to take care of it. 

    • Nutrition
    • Causes of Heart Attacks
    • Physical exercise 
    • Medication
    • Mental condition

Nutrition is a choice. 

Knowledge about what we eat and what it does for or against
our body. We live in a time of a lot of Convenience  which is good
in a lot of ways, but very harmful without knowledge about food.

Our body's run on food just like a car runs on gasoline. Wrong 
fuel in place of gasoline will not work. For an example years ago
I was operating a Bulldozer and doing some work on a farm.
 I was very short of gas in the tank, so I added about a gallon of
Diesel fuel to the gas tank. It was smoking and sputtering all the
way home.(about ten miles). I got some money and went to the
gas station. I of course had to turn off the engine and after filling 
with gas, it would not start.
I ended up having to pay a mechanic to drain the tank and fill
with new gas. He had to replace the fuel filter, and the spark

Causes of Heart Attacks  

I discovered that my smoking for 25 years was the problem.
I was smoking 3 packs a day towards the end.

The nicotine of the smoke inters into the blood stream and it
causes the Arteries to dry up. Healthy Arteries are something
like PVC pipe. That is the pipe which is used for water and sewer
lines. They are very hard and slick.

The drying of the inside is like the PVC pipe. They dry out
and they develop cracks. Now what is the blood supposed to
do with cuts and cracks. Yes, your right, plug the crack
and scab to cover up. 

Well December 9th 2011 It had snowed, I scooped the drive in 
10 degree temperature. The cold coming into my lungs cause 
changes in lungs and Arteries. Pieces of the plaque brook loose
and started flowing through the system and plugged up. 

Physical exercise

The exercise was and is very helpful for keeping my strength 
and also to get the blood flowing faster for a period of 30 minutes
or more per day. Once I got started regularly, I do not find it hard 
to do.


It was very helpful to understand what each of the Prescriptions 
were doing in my body. It made the high price a little to pay. 

 Mental condition

This was also very important. The way we think has a lot to do
with our health. At that time, I was under a lot of stress which
added to my heart problem.

As Paul Harvey would say!

And Now for the rest of the Story!

I care - We care Ministries 
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Blood pressure (systolic) and pulse rate durin...
Blood pressure (systolic) and pulse rate during a normal response to Valsalva’s maneuver. Forty millimeter mercury pressure is applied at 5 seconds and relieved at 20 seconds. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The cardiac rehabilitation team was very friendly, helpful and well trained. They had a very good scheduled plan which was also mentored very well.

The first action was an orientation meeting with one of the supervisory Nurses. My interviewer had my hospital records and reviewed them with me. She gave me a lot of illustrations of my condition and what they would plan for my cardiac rehabilitation.  She reviewed the training manual for my Cardiac rehab program and how they (the crew) would work with me.

I had a choice of 7.00: AM, or 10.00 AM or 1:00PM. We meet as a class for 1 hour of exercise and 1 hour of class. The Exercise was Monday, Wednesday, Friday. The Class was every Wednesday or a few times on Monday.

My cardiac rehabilitation program was set up on Monday morning at 10:00AM. When I arrived. We had to fill out a slip of paper, take our own pulse and record it on the slip of paper. There were about 15 people in the class. The supervisors attached 4 leads on our chest and stomach so they could monitor our pulse rate. They had about 25-30 machines of different types
The first two weeks, I was scheduled a Heart Rehabilitation exercise program. This is specifically designed to strengthen my heart. Then I was started a different exercise in the Cardiac rehab program.

There was usually four supervises (coach) to help us become acquainted with the equipment. They also took our blood pressure every 10 minutes to begin with. In a couple of weeks, they did not take it as often, but they watched us very closely.

There were Tread mills, Bicycles, rowing machines, Arm exercise machines etc.

The last 15 minutes of the class, we worked out together on lifting weights, Squats, Stretching our muscles in our arms, legs, neck etc.We were taught how to use this as a Cardiac Rehab program any where at any time.

Our classes were on Cardiac rehabilitation and what this would accomplish. There were videos and pictures, plus demonstrations by our teachers.

We were taught what the over all cardiac rehab program were going to do for our bodies. This included training in the type of medications we were prescribed and what they were doing for our bodies.

The Cardiac rehabilitation program also had classes to show us how to reduce the stress in our lives.

The cardiac rehab program is on going in my life. I found the benefits as I dropped off the exercises for awhile and I began to feel the difference. I began to feel weaker in my legs and arms. And every once in a while, I would wonder about little feelings in my chest, back or arms.

Getting started back into the cardiac rehab program has reduced my feelings and concerns.

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