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Heart Attack.It happened to me!

Pain in acute myocardial infarction (front)Image via Wikipedia It happened December 9, 2011.

I had noticed a little pressure in my lower throat and upper chest on Wednesday the 7th as I was hustling around with my work.
It felt similar to my days in high school and College as I ran track and pushed myself to almost complete exhaustion.

Thursday, I was pushing hard as I had much to do and it faded away as we had supper and relaxed in the evening.

Then on Friday the 9th, I had to go to the store and as it had snowed, I scooped the driveway Friday afternoon. I developed the same pressure again. I decided to sit in the recliner and took a nap for about an hour. I got up, put on my jacket and hat and was going to the garage to put on my rubber boots and for some reason, I decided to sit back down on the sofa and rest. I was very agitated The pain was getting stronger and stronger. I said, "Beth I think I had better go to the Hospital and see what is going on."

Beth called our sons and Brad told her to hang up and call 911. The rescue unit had just unloaded at Saint Elizabeth and was in route which was right by our area. (Thank you Lord--see how he protects us). They arrived at our house in maybe about 5  to 10 minutes.

The team came right in the door as they new they had to hurry from what Beth had told them. Beth has had 5 major heat attacks in her life. I had laid over on my side to see if I could get some relief from the pain. I now knew from my observations and experience with Beth, that I was having an Attack.

Beth was giving them my information as I now was in too much pain in my chest to talk and give good information. I now had  tremendous pressure type pain all the way around my chest from my ears down to my upper belly. One fellow handed me 8 or 10 baby aspirins and told me to chew them before swelling them.

The rescue personal lifted me to my feet briefly  and set me down again on a sheet of reenforced vinyl with a loop on each corner. Four fellows grabbed a loop and they picked me up and out the front door and onto a gurney and hustled me down the driveway and into the Rescue Unit. I remember seeing Brad (Our youngest of two sons) climb into the passenger seat of the unit.

The run of about two miles went quickly and I think that I only remember parts of it as the pain was now unbearable. I can remember one of the personal had attached a card a gram and was sending it to the hospital ER. He was talking to the Dr. and turned around and put a Nitro G. under my tongue and proceed to put an IV on the back side of each of my hands. I could tell the driver was taking the corners pretty fast and knowing the route, I could tell he was not stopping at any intersections.

I remember them unloading me out of the Unit, but only a little else until I heard one of the team telling the ER Dr. what he had seen and what they had done and the stats. They were beside my head on my right and I remember seeing Brad standing in the corner off my left foot. So much pain that I can't bear it.

Blank and then I heard and saw the ER Dr. on my right and another who proceeded to tell me that I was having a massive Heart Attack and they must operate right away before some of my heart dies. I said, "Do what you have to do." Dr. said, let his wife in here". Boy there was a lot of personal all around me. They
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made room and they had my wife in a wheel chair. (I wondered why). Beth reached up and touched me, but was very distraught. She was very Broke up and I wondered why.

The Rest of the Story in a couple of days

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