Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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What does a horse and chickens have to do with Success in Network marketing. Read on!

    Harley-Dad-his horse Bert a Percheron Draft horse.
I told you I would send you
some Videos of the Draft
Horses known as Gentle
Giants. I have many videos
(about 1 1/2 hours) in
which I am editing and slow
doing it as this is my first

However, Let's take a
look at a Draft Horse.This
is what the farmers used
until the early1900s. to do
the field work. They are a
lot bigger (some twice the
size) of  a quarter horse
(or saddle horse). Oh,
by the way, that is me
on Bert's back and my Dad.
Dad was either 27 or 28 at
the time of this picture.
I must be in my two's.

Bert is of the Percheron
This Breed was
developed in France
during the 1800's

He was very gentle around me.
Yes, this is yours truly at 3 or
4 years old. Yes, it was my
job to feed the chickens and
conflict the eggs.

Notice that the chickens are
not afraid of me. If a stranger
entered, they would run and
Notice the one in my arms,
just like a pet dog, cat, etc.

One thing that you can't see
 is that when you have their
trust and they like to be
around you, their egg
production increases.

Notice the steel wheel
behind my right shoulder
and the cycle bar. That
was a hay mowing
implement. The curved
wooden handles behind
the right side of my hat
is a walking plow which
Bert would pull for dad

to work the ground!

Harley in the chicken coop at 3 to 4 yrs. old with calm chickens
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Whole Load?
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I have a little story for you which I developed many years ago.
You need to know that I worked for a livestock Feed
Manufacture Company during the 1970's and 80s.

I started out as a Rookie Sales man, was promoted up to a
District Manager, promoted again to a Territory Manager,
and promoted again to a Sales Trainer and finally, the Sales

When I had the sales force in for training, which I did on a
regular base for the whole sales force, I developed the
training with an attention getter with humor and the main
 point as part of it. Which would go something like this?

I once had the opportunity when I was in College, to introduce
a young man that I knew to pastor at a small country church
that wanted a couple of weeks of and needed someone to
handle the duties while he was gone.

So this young man and the Pastor made an arrangement that he
would come out on Wednesday evening and present a sermon
so the Pastor could evaluate his ability.

Well, it was spring time and most of the congregation was
farmers and they were busy with Spring Planting. And would
 you know it, just one older couple showed up!

                      Old Country Church

The pastor told him to go ahead with his message any way which
he did. So the young student Pastor started out pretty nervous,
but got some confidence going. The couple seemed pretty
interested and that gave the young man more encouragement.

Now the more interested the couple showed, the more enthused
the young man became and he got to preaching faster and he
went on, and on, and  The rest of the story!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Chasing Leads

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Are you chasing large number of leads and not getting anywhere.
Are you exhausted, wore out, discouraged, don't know where to
 turn, but don't want to give up?

                         woman chasing a
      dimond strapped to her back.
Leads are very important and is the very heart of selling your
program and buying good quality leads can be very
rewarding and profitable. However, wouldn't it be better
to have them chasing you?                  

               popeye in sprint
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