Saturday, December 28, 2013

How To Walk

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As a responsible elderly human being approaching 77 years of
age just around the corner, I feel the obligation to pass on
some (wisdom) which has come by pondering what worked
and what did not work in situations  that came up through life.

                Happy family on the beach

  • Good happy families are like fudge -- Mostly sweet 
  • with a few nuts. 
  • But raising teenagers is a pain, like nailing Jell-O 
  • to a tree.
  • Car sickness is the feeling you get when the monthly 
  • car payment is due.
  • It isn't difficult to make a mountain out of a molehill: 
  • just add a little dirt.
  • Being silent is good. Others think you are listening.
  • Why is the third hand on a watch called a 
  • second hand?
  • Confucius was so smart, he said things like: to 
  • make egg roll, push it.
What does this have to do with walking?

Nothing, except the procedure.

               Baby Boy Crawling
A child notices that the adults can get around much faster as they
walk on their feet. The child forms a goal in it's mind of finding
out how to walk like them.

It is a procedure of trail and error. He or she keeps trying and
learning not to do again that which let them fall.

When they have succeeded in walking without falling, it is
committed into the brain like the hard drive in a computer.

Have you ever thought about how you walk. Like as you
start to raise your left leg and swing the lower part forward,
then lower the whole leg while swinging the lower forward
until the heel touches the floor, and on, and on. and on.

When you want to start walking, it happens without your
thinking, move right leg forward, move left leg forward, etc.
It comes out of your brain without you thinking it.

This is called Rote Memory.

                      The Reason For The Season

                    Amazing body we live in, isn't it.

Harley Petersen
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He cares, so We care at Petersen Ministries
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Every One is Worthy, including YOU and I.
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Whenever I'm disappointed with something, I stop and think
about what  Maria, in my classroom told me about her sister.

                two real young girls

Her younger sister was trying out for a part in a school play.
Maria indicated that her sister had set her heart on being
in the play, but was afraid she would not be chosen.

On the day the parts were awarded, Maria and her sister
came running back to my classroom with her eyes
shinning with pride and excitement. Guess what
Mr....... she shouted, and then said those words that
will remain a lesson to me. 

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Monday, December 9, 2013

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                                 I'll Bet You?

                 I will bet you that most won't recognize
                        this for what it was worth! 

      I was asked how old I was recently. I replied that I was
              old enough to remember the Olden Days.

                     The Olden Days.
                             Roll of Toilet Paper
                    Toilet paper is a luxury
                that as a child I never knew!

                  Old Out house Image

                  In our toilet was a Catalog
               with the pages all gone through

                     Sears amd Roebuck Catalog.

        We used the pages that crumpled nicely
          and became supple & soft to use.
             for a purpose.....
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Wrong Words

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Have you had an experience of a young child using the wrong word.
Maybe using the wrong word because it sounds so similar.

I remember that I was standing outside the church when I herd  a young
nephew ask another young boy if he knew how many women a man
can marry?

"Sixteen," the boy answered.

Ua, aaa said young boy. That's not right.

"Yes it is said the little boy," The preacher said, "four better,
four worse, four richer, four poorer"

Well, not harm done there, however the better I knowledge of
words, The better we can do the job.

Take for instance, when I worked the Big Heavy Equipment, a
mistake could be very costly. Here is a Cat D10 & Cat D9.

I was working on a section of the Union Pacific Railroad and
I was cutting out another road way for another set of rails.

The job entailed cutting a hill down 65 feet, 100 feet back into the
hill and a 2 to 1 slope. Five miles of the job had this solid rock.

Harley standing between Cat D10 & Cat D9                                                                  

Saturday, November 9, 2013

| Black Smith Shop | Grand Pa | Horses | Buggy | Laughing Horse | Potato Sacks


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My Mom and Dad had a Fruit ranch about 20 miles South-East
of Fresno California. My Dad’s parents had a ranch about
1 mile away, so I knew them very well.

                       Sister Janice and I hugging about 1942
My Sister Janice and I would see our grandparents very often.
Brother Ron was not born yet.

Grandpa passed away when I was about 15 years old. He was
usually very serious, but occasionally he would pull a funny.
I was always interested in hearing about his young age and
believed in everything he told me.

My grandfather was sent by his parents from Denmark at the age
of14 to live with his Aunt and Uncle here in Minden, Nebraska.
My grandfather worked in a blacksmith shop, and he used to tell
me how he had strengthen himself so he could stand the rigors of

Photo of Blacksmith Shop about 1900s.
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Friday, October 25, 2013

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Listen Carefully!

I know that a lot of you know that I taught 6th grade for 5 years. In
the English class, I empathized the art of learning how to use
words to paint a picture in the mind of the person you are talking
to or writing.
I will share with you an assignment I gave them to discover the
different picture with just one word. Many times this is what
develops misunderstanding.

                         Photo of Harley
"It's time to see how clearly you can think." I said to my  class.
"Now, listen carefully, and think about what I'm saying.

"I'm thinking of a  person who has the same mother and father
 as I have.But this person is not my brother or sister. Who is it"

The kids in the class furrowed their brows, scratched their
heads and otherwise showed how hard they were thinking.
But no one came up with the right answer.

              6th grade Classroom

When everyone in the class had given up, I announced,

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Monday, September 23, 2013

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Are you a pinball?
                 Image of Pinball machine.
Do you just bounce from one problem to another?
Are you bouncing from one home based business
to another? Are you bouncing from one bill to another?

           Image close up of Pin ball table.

Stop and evaluate and analyze your life. Be careful
about where you get your information. If not, you
might run into something like this!

A cold winter coming:

  During the first part of autumn, the Indians asked
 their chief if the winter was going to be cold or mild.
Not really knowing the answer, the chief replied
 that the winter was going to be very cold and that
the members of the village were to collect wood
to be prepared.
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

For the Rest of the Story!

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Developing Productive Relationships with People
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What does a horse and chickens have to do with Success in Network marketing. Read on!

    Harley-Dad-his horse Bert a Percheron Draft horse.
I told you I would send you
some Videos of the Draft
Horses known as Gentle
Giants. I have many videos
(about 1 1/2 hours) in
which I am editing and slow
doing it as this is my first

However, Let's take a
look at a Draft Horse.This
is what the farmers used
until the early1900s. to do
the field work. They are a
lot bigger (some twice the
size) of  a quarter horse
(or saddle horse). Oh,
by the way, that is me
on Bert's back and my Dad.
Dad was either 27 or 28 at
the time of this picture.
I must be in my two's.

Bert is of the Percheron
This Breed was
developed in France
during the 1800's

He was very gentle around me.
Yes, this is yours truly at 3 or
4 years old. Yes, it was my
job to feed the chickens and
conflict the eggs.

Notice that the chickens are
not afraid of me. If a stranger
entered, they would run and
Notice the one in my arms,
just like a pet dog, cat, etc.

One thing that you can't see
 is that when you have their
trust and they like to be
around you, their egg
production increases.

Notice the steel wheel
behind my right shoulder
and the cycle bar. That
was a hay mowing
implement. The curved
wooden handles behind
the right side of my hat
is a walking plow which
Bert would pull for dad

to work the ground!

Harley in the chicken coop at 3 to 4 yrs. old with calm chickens
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Whole Load?
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I have a little story for you which I developed many years ago.
You need to know that I worked for a livestock Feed
Manufacture Company during the 1970's and 80s.

I started out as a Rookie Sales man, was promoted up to a
District Manager, promoted again to a Territory Manager,
and promoted again to a Sales Trainer and finally, the Sales

When I had the sales force in for training, which I did on a
regular base for the whole sales force, I developed the
training with an attention getter with humor and the main
 point as part of it. Which would go something like this?

I once had the opportunity when I was in College, to introduce
a young man that I knew to pastor at a small country church
that wanted a couple of weeks of and needed someone to
handle the duties while he was gone.

So this young man and the Pastor made an arrangement that he
would come out on Wednesday evening and present a sermon
so the Pastor could evaluate his ability.

Well, it was spring time and most of the congregation was
farmers and they were busy with Spring Planting. And would
 you know it, just one older couple showed up!

                      Old Country Church

The pastor told him to go ahead with his message any way which
he did. So the young student Pastor started out pretty nervous,
but got some confidence going. The couple seemed pretty
interested and that gave the young man more encouragement.

Now the more interested the couple showed, the more enthused
the young man became and he got to preaching faster and he
went on, and on, and  The rest of the story!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Chasing Leads

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Are you chasing large number of leads and not getting anywhere.
Are you exhausted, wore out, discouraged, don't know where to
 turn, but don't want to give up?

                         woman chasing a
      dimond strapped to her back.
Leads are very important and is the very heart of selling your
program and buying good quality leads can be very
rewarding and profitable. However, wouldn't it be better
to have them chasing you?                  

               popeye in sprint
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How to Impress ? or not to!
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An overexcited Air Force Major was promoted to the rank of Colonel.

                    very excited women face

He was admiring his new office and just sat down at his new
desk when there was a knock on the door. He grabbed the
phone, held it up to his ear and said, "come in."

An airman stepped in and asked to speak with him. The
Colonel, wanting to impress the airman, said into the phone
"yes General, thank you. Yes I will send this on today.
Good-by Sir."

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Image representing Alexa as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

Stress and Strive 

I was going to relate to you the 
training we received in our rehab 
class about stress. However I am very busy with getting our new website completed and online.
I will complete this next week, but
Master List of Websites
Master List of Websites (Photo credit: selm23)
I would like to tell you about this 
web site which is keeping me 
very busy. 

I started it with volunteer help 
in late October.

It is already rated much higher by the Alexa at this time which is way above the mark I have have ever achieved in all my years online. 

The Alexa company rates 
all the websites in the 
Deutsch: Logo von Yahoo
Deutsch: Logo von Yahoo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
world. They rate the site 
for Quantity and Quality 
of content, number of 
and quality of links.

 I have had web sites listed in top positions before by
Google and Yahoo but it took 2 to 3 years to get there.

No, we are not listed #1, but we have already seen
Google reffed traffic to our site. This is a first for me
 in less than six months.
I am planning on posting more often now. So I will 
as soon as possible.

In the meantime, I will leave you with this. Enjoy!

There he stood before the Judge. He had been arrested
for breaking and entering, convicted and was about to
receive his sentence.

He looked up and the judge who was about to pronounce 
sentence on him was the same man who had saved him 
from drowning ten years before.

Excited, you better believe it He said "Sam, this is Jack you
are talking to, Jack the man who's life you saved ten years ago."

Sam,siting on the Judge's bench said, "Hello Jack, your right, 
but Jack I was your savior then, but now, I am your Judge!"

Now, the rest of the story and more!

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Friday, February 22, 2013

What did Rehab do for me?+

  1. It made me aware of my physical body and how to take care of it. 

    • Nutrition
    • Causes of Heart Attacks
    • Physical exercise 
    • Medication
    • Mental condition

Nutrition is a choice. 

Knowledge about what we eat and what it does for or against
our body. We live in a time of a lot of Convenience  which is good
in a lot of ways, but very harmful without knowledge about food.

Our body's run on food just like a car runs on gasoline. Wrong 
fuel in place of gasoline will not work. For an example years ago
I was operating a Bulldozer and doing some work on a farm.
 I was very short of gas in the tank, so I added about a gallon of
Diesel fuel to the gas tank. It was smoking and sputtering all the
way home.(about ten miles). I got some money and went to the
gas station. I of course had to turn off the engine and after filling 
with gas, it would not start.
I ended up having to pay a mechanic to drain the tank and fill
with new gas. He had to replace the fuel filter, and the spark

Causes of Heart Attacks  

I discovered that my smoking for 25 years was the problem.
I was smoking 3 packs a day towards the end.

The nicotine of the smoke inters into the blood stream and it
causes the Arteries to dry up. Healthy Arteries are something
like PVC pipe. That is the pipe which is used for water and sewer
lines. They are very hard and slick.

The drying of the inside is like the PVC pipe. They dry out
and they develop cracks. Now what is the blood supposed to
do with cuts and cracks. Yes, your right, plug the crack
and scab to cover up. 

Well December 9th 2011 It had snowed, I scooped the drive in 
10 degree temperature. The cold coming into my lungs cause 
changes in lungs and Arteries. Pieces of the plaque brook loose
and started flowing through the system and plugged up. 

Physical exercise

The exercise was and is very helpful for keeping my strength 
and also to get the blood flowing faster for a period of 30 minutes
or more per day. Once I got started regularly, I do not find it hard 
to do.


It was very helpful to understand what each of the Prescriptions 
were doing in my body. It made the high price a little to pay. 

 Mental condition

This was also very important. The way we think has a lot to do
with our health. At that time, I was under a lot of stress which
added to my heart problem.

As Paul Harvey would say!

And Now for the rest of the Story!

I care - We care Ministries 
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Blood pressure (systolic) and pulse rate durin...
Blood pressure (systolic) and pulse rate during a normal response to Valsalva’s maneuver. Forty millimeter mercury pressure is applied at 5 seconds and relieved at 20 seconds. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The cardiac rehabilitation team was very friendly, helpful and well trained. They had a very good scheduled plan which was also mentored very well.

The first action was an orientation meeting with one of the supervisory Nurses. My interviewer had my hospital records and reviewed them with me. She gave me a lot of illustrations of my condition and what they would plan for my cardiac rehabilitation.  She reviewed the training manual for my Cardiac rehab program and how they (the crew) would work with me.

I had a choice of 7.00: AM, or 10.00 AM or 1:00PM. We meet as a class for 1 hour of exercise and 1 hour of class. The Exercise was Monday, Wednesday, Friday. The Class was every Wednesday or a few times on Monday.

My cardiac rehabilitation program was set up on Monday morning at 10:00AM. When I arrived. We had to fill out a slip of paper, take our own pulse and record it on the slip of paper. There were about 15 people in the class. The supervisors attached 4 leads on our chest and stomach so they could monitor our pulse rate. They had about 25-30 machines of different types
The first two weeks, I was scheduled a Heart Rehabilitation exercise program. This is specifically designed to strengthen my heart. Then I was started a different exercise in the Cardiac rehab program.

There was usually four supervises (coach) to help us become acquainted with the equipment. They also took our blood pressure every 10 minutes to begin with. In a couple of weeks, they did not take it as often, but they watched us very closely.

There were Tread mills, Bicycles, rowing machines, Arm exercise machines etc.

The last 15 minutes of the class, we worked out together on lifting weights, Squats, Stretching our muscles in our arms, legs, neck etc.We were taught how to use this as a Cardiac Rehab program any where at any time.

Our classes were on Cardiac rehabilitation and what this would accomplish. There were videos and pictures, plus demonstrations by our teachers.

We were taught what the over all cardiac rehab program were going to do for our bodies. This included training in the type of medications we were prescribed and what they were doing for our bodies.

The Cardiac rehabilitation program also had classes to show us how to reduce the stress in our lives.

The cardiac rehab program is on going in my life. I found the benefits as I dropped off the exercises for awhile and I began to feel the difference. I began to feel weaker in my legs and arms. And every once in a while, I would wonder about little feelings in my chest, back or arms.

Getting started back into the cardiac rehab program has reduced my feelings and concerns.

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