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   I remember my job as a gas station attendant during my days in College. That was the days where the attendant pumped the gas.

              Stantion Attandent pumping gas into old Buggy car.
                Op's Please Excuse me. It was not quite that long ago.

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   In the 1950's we preformed all services which the motorist asked for.
   When a car pulled into the station and parked at the pump, the attendant would approach the driver's door and ask the driver what they wanted. Usually they wanted gas, which the attendant would put the nozzle in the tank tube and started the pump by clicking the handle on the nozzle like we do today. He would go about the rest including washing the windshield etc.

   I remember the factory behind our station of the side street. I remember the man who was hired shortly after I started working at the station. He was hired as a night watchman as the factory had been experiencing great losses recently, so the man was ordered to check the bags and pockets of the workers as they left.

   One evening one worker tried to leave the plant with a wheelbarrow full of newspapers.


  The night watchman was immediately suspicious.

   "Hey, Bud," he ordered. "Let me take a look at what's under all those paper." The night watchman diligently looked, but he found nothing but newspapers.

   "You see," explained the worker."I pick up all the extra newspapers in the loungers and take them to the recycle plant. That was I save a few trees and make a little money."

   For the next few months, the worker left every night with a wheelbarrow full of newspapers, but the watchman remained alert and checked them every night.

One evening the night watchman got a summons to his supervisor's office. Without a word of explanation, the supervisor fired the night watchman.

   "What! As long as I was on duty, absolutely nothing was stolen from this plant!"

   "Oh, really?" said the supervisor. "Then how do you account for the fact that our recent audit shows that we have lost two hundred wheelbarrows?"

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