Tuesday, June 10, 2014


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Well, Hello IBO world.

   You know that as I got up this morning and started to dress, I looked at my forearm and wondered how I could wear a short sleeve shirt..I felt like I would have to get out an iron and press the wrinkles
out of my skin, So I decided to put a long sleeve shirt on again.

  Aging: what is it like? Even though I still think just like I have always
in the past, younger people see us completely different . For an example, I heard about a ninety-five year old lady who had a baby, thanks to modern medical technology.

   Now wait a minute, don't shake your head and mumble about this, You know that Abraham and Sara had one at age 100 years and several more after, OK.

   Well, the media got word of this and set up a news conference with her.They agreed with her that they could all come one afternoon to
meet her and the little one.

   That afternoon, local and national newspaper and TV companies invaded her house. The small cottage was overrun with relatives and reporters.

   After interviewing the new mom, the interviewers asked to see the baby.

   "Not yet," sweetly replied the new mother."
   "Well," complained the reporters, "When can we see the baby."  
   "When she cries --- I forgot where I put her."


   Yes, go ahead and have a chuckle or laugh, but please don't laugh at us. Your see, as I approach 77 years of age this July 7th. I might have
to think a few seconds or minutes or even hours before the word or name I want (or need) for the conversation comes to my mind.

   Senile? well maybe, but I really believe there is more to it than meets our eyes.

   Here is an example which gives us some insight. The computers were designed (by accident or knowledgeable) to work like our brains. And the more information stored in the hard drive, the longer it takes to retrieve that information.


    This is not as easy to recognize now as it used to be with the early computers.  I had my first computer in 1983 and an article like this would take maybe four or five minutes to be brought up out of the hard drive. Now it is as fast as a blink of an eye.

   Well, there are things we miss and new things happen, like loosing hair on top of our head and it springs up in the most unusual and irritating  places. But ask us anyway, because all of us have wisdom in one subject or another.

   Wisdom?  Knowing from experience what works and what doesn't work.  Ask someone, you might find some very good advice.


   Oh, Yes, I have been pretty absent for the last 30 days as I have been busy with organizing and developing the project which we will announce very soon now.


Harley Petersen


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