Sunday, January 27, 2013

Heart Attack.It happened to me!

          This is a continuation from the previous posting down below this one

Beth said a very quick prayer about a Heart attack, and Dr. said ok, get going "NOW"

There were 4 nurses, one on each corner of the gunnery. They started down the hall and continued to increase their speed until they were almost running. I was beginning to feel a pressure all the way around my chest, front, back and underarms. I said "Oh, no Lord, I don't need a heart attack now." One of the nurses behind me said, "Mr. Petersen, you are going to be alright. Dr. will put stents in the artery which is 100% plugged, and stents in the next one which is 90% plugged and the 3rd artery which is 85% plugged will also get stents.                                                     


One young man on the front, let go and started running, got to the elevator, punched the button, grasped his corner of the Gurney and pulled it into the elevator.

The pain was getting stronger, glad the elevator moved pretty fast, doors opened and they started down the next hall at almost a run. I started feeling nauseated and contracts started in my stomach. The nurse behind my head said, "Mr. Petersen, just roll your head to the side an let it go." This stopped and The Nurses in the lead hit the big shinny metal doors with their shoulders and the doors swung open with a bang. I saw a sign on the door, Heart Attack Surgery.

Even though I was now in terrific pain (unstable angina), I was completely alert. I was impressed how they worked together as a team. They pulled the gurney up beside the operating table.

The operating table had a large think glass plate in the area where they placed my body so that my chest area was on top of that plate. Oh---cold glass. And now was no time for modesty. That had to be the ex ray machine or whatever it is. The receiver I discovered a few minutes later was controlled by the Dr. and it had a large arm which supported it.

All at the same time, there was two working on my shirt buttons, both of my shoes were being untied and Oh-Oh, belt and zipper in my jeans was pulled down, Shirt and undershirt were pulled off my arms and from under me up and out under my head at about the same time as my jeans and underwear was pulled down.

Pain is terrible and I am completely exposed, but Oh I am cold and OH, Oh someone is shaving my groin area. This took about 5 or 10 seconds and another had something like a can and a paint brush, what are they painting me with, most all my groin area. Then they placed a mat over the area with a hole in it over the crease where my leg met my stomach.

Pain is terrible and I feel like I have a big rubber doughnut under my upper back. I know it has to be because neither of my shoulders is touching the table.

Hey what is that, Dr. has what looks like Plumbers tool to tap into a pipe. He placed in the grove with the point upwards to my stomach and said “Mr. Petersen, I hope that deadening has had time to take effect, but I don't have time to wait". I said, "DO IT".

He punched it in and as it hit the artery on the first shot I made a grunt sound. Blood squirted and Dr. put something into the dive-ice and the blood flow stopped, but Oh no, it is wire with a handle and looks like Rotor Reutter.

The pain is getting even worse, but now I am wondering if Dr. is going to watch this camera as he is moving it closely around my chest and down both sides. That would hurt if he ran it into my chest.

Now he is working had like a plumber as he rotated it with the handle and poked. Final as he said, "OK". I felt the pressure in my chest and back start to reduce, much like letting air out of a balloon, the pain was also disappearing.

He put stents into the first artery. Then he told me he was working on the 2nd Artery and it was almost no time until he had the stents in place.

The stents in the 3rd artery was a breeze and took no time at all.

I was taken to room and by the time my wife and family and many friends arrived, they all said, "you don't look any different". I said, "I don't feel any different now".

This started about 4PM on Friday and Sunday morning about 3 AM. I woke as the head Cardiologists was standing beside my bed and apologized saying, "I didn't mean to wake you, but only checking you vitals. However, we feel that you are doing so well, you could just as well figure on going home later this morning. You no longer have unstable angina."

I did go home, feeling fine. I went through rehab for Heart attack patients, which I came to appreciate. During the 6 weeks I went there, I could feel a significant increase in my strength and endurance. This led to several lifestyle changes.

One of the lifestyle changes is regular exercises.

In the rehab classes they explained the need for the antiplatelet drugs. The Stents are metal and a foreign object and my immune system would be trying to dispose of it. The antiplatelet drugs cover the Stents to the point that the immune system does not come into contact with the Stents. The arteries will grow into and around the Stents and then there would not be a need for additional antiplatelet drugs.

Other lifestyle changes are getting more rest. I had to make lifestyle changes in my thinking as anger will affect your blood flow.

All in all, the lifestyle changes have been very beneficial.

Heart Attack.
                  I don't recommend one. I really prefer lifestyle changes

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Life's Little Reminders.

A couple of months ago,  A Face Book friend asked me two questions.
  1. Are you a seasoned Christian?
  2. What have you observed through your lifetime?

Life is like a mirror; we get the best results when we smile at it.

Birthdays are good for you -- the more you have, the longer you live.

How can you tell when you run out of invisible ink?


I am starting this series  Here and will add to it on a regular bases.

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