Monday, November 18, 2013

Wrong Words

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Have you had an experience of a young child using the wrong word.
Maybe using the wrong word because it sounds so similar.

I remember that I was standing outside the church when I herd  a young
nephew ask another young boy if he knew how many women a man
can marry?

"Sixteen," the boy answered.

Ua, aaa said young boy. That's not right.

"Yes it is said the little boy," The preacher said, "four better,
four worse, four richer, four poorer"

Well, not harm done there, however the better I knowledge of
words, The better we can do the job.

Take for instance, when I worked the Big Heavy Equipment, a
mistake could be very costly. Here is a Cat D10 & Cat D9.

I was working on a section of the Union Pacific Railroad and
I was cutting out another road way for another set of rails.

The job entailed cutting a hill down 65 feet, 100 feet back into the
hill and a 2 to 1 slope. Five miles of the job had this solid rock.

Harley standing between Cat D10 & Cat D9                                                                  

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