Thursday, April 22, 2010



Seasons in nature and seasons of life ?

I received Bill Allen’s call last Monday (April 12, 2010) about mid afternoon.

Bill is the office manager of Don Dickerman Ministries of which we have been on their waiting list since last October. He had a cancelation and they could minister unto us on Wednesday & Thursday. We told him we would be there.

We took care of several personal bits of business, packed and Beth made her appointment Tuesday morning. We pulled out of Lincoln at 11:00 AM.

As we left, we both commented that we could see the buds on the trees were swelled to the point of almost opening.

Our route was west on I80 to York, NE and south on HWY 81.

In south Nebraska, the buds were showing a little of the petals and some leaves. In Kansas, we started seeing some trees and bushes with buds opening up.

We continued 81 which became I35 at Salina, KS. Below Wichita, Kansas we saw a lot more blossoms and leaves. Traveling south though Oklahoma we saw most all trees and bushes in bloom.

It was dark when we arrived at the motel in Dallas. But beautiful in the morning when we woke up as every thing was very green and beautifully full bloom.

We slept in on Friday and took our time loading and left for home at
10:00am and arrived home at 8:30pm.

Leaving Dallas, a lot of the blossoms were dropping petals and as we
arrived in Lincoln, we were greeted with a lot of color. It was about Sunday and Monday before we have total bloom now.

Seasons of nature are a lot like seasons of life. We all go through the same seasons, but at different times!

I wish I knew 50 years ago what I know now. Experience!

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