Wednesday, January 22, 2014

You have an Identical Twin Somewhere!

| Phone on the wall | Crank phone | all most like identical twins | same first name |

This really happened to me. The names are substituted to protect the individuals rights to privacy. I am going to call him Joe.

Years ago I was working as a Sales Rep for a Feed company. I had become acquainted with an older man named Joe. He lived in and had an office in a rural small town.

Joe had an investment in a livestock unit which I had sold them on our products. I would usually have an appointment with him over lunch about once a month. We would usually meet for lunch at a small truck stop and restaurant on the edge of town.

I would call a day or two ahead and set an appointment with Joe to meet him at that restaurant.

    On the wall crank phone--Party
              line.            Phone-dial on base and hand held ear piece and
              mike     Photo of the Dial of a dial phone

No, it was not on on the old phone on the wall that my folks had. By the time Beth and I were married we had a more modern one with a dial. To operate this, you put your finger in the hole of the number and turned the dial clock wise to the little hook (stop), pull your finger out of the hole and the spring loaded dial would return to the start position.

Well anyway, back to the incident which is a true story.

This day I met Joe and we were eating and talking and all of a sudden, Joe said, "Harley, don't turn and look but I would like you to do a little funny thing for me. Get up and go down along this counter to the front and turn to the front door, turn and come along the booths and walk slowly past that third booth. Don't get excited or upset. OK"

I said, "Ok" and preceded. When I approached the booth in which was an older couple and he looked up and saw me. He jumped up to his feet and said "Harley! when did you get into town.
                                Photo of a suprised look on his face.
( I had no idea who he was or what he was talking about.). His wife chimed in, you really have the gall to come into town from California without telling us.

By this time, Joe was walking up and laughing. He told both of them and myself that he really wanted to know just how much their son and I were alike. It is even more funny that we both have the name of Harley.

Both of them said, "Do you mind if I stare at you for a moment?" I  can't believe you are not our son.

Joe said, "I have been doing business with this guy for over a year and I know he is not your son."

We talked for a little and it was also interesting that their son at that time was living in California only about 75 miles where my Mom and Dad where still leaving at that time.

Harley Petersen

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