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Number 1, In 5 days - May I show you How?

Some of you have noticed that my last PR was three weeks ago.
Some have asked, where have you been. Well now you will know,
 I was in training and development.

Now, here it is.

I had a hard time believing that we could achieve the top position
on the first page of Google Search in 30 days or less.
Why was this so hard to believe? I believe that some of my
background will help explain this.

Back in 1983, one of our sons had just graduated from
University of Nebraska. His degree was in Livestock
Nutrition  and Computer Science.He came to join us in
a business we were operating. We acquired an IBM
computer to keep financial records for the business.

               Image of IBM computer of the 90"s     
It was a great improvement in writing letters. With the old
typewriters, we had white out to cover the mistakes, but it hardly
ever worked well enough to cover up the mistakes so the
computer quickly replaced the typewriter.
        Image of Old Underwood TypewriterWhite Liquid to paint
              over mistakes while using trypwriters
Then came the internet and I was not impressed. I held out for
awhile, but then I began to see a future in the internet. The first
endeavor was signing up in Team 2,000. This was developed
by young  man whom I now consider a good friend. This was
a very productive and profitable venture..
I learned a lot from him and went on to develop my own web site
to correspond with the team. This friend helped me a lot in the
beginning to learn the SEO system, how to recruit, how to buy
leads and call the prospects. I also found out that to be successful,
we had to develop in all aspects of the business. During this time,
I had a web site which rose to #1 in Google search. This however
took about 11/2 years.

So I went on and got my Dell Dimension 8400 Series with the
new XP Professional which is now going to be let out to pasture
or the junk heap. I don't like the flat keyboard on my lap top so
 I am still composing on desk top.

              Image of Dell computers

I am amazed at how so many web sites do not have any SEO
work done in them now.  I had a visit with this friend of mine
and he suggested that I contact this individual who seems very
experienced in this procedure.This young man said I could
develop mine or other web sites into the #1 on
Google Local Search in 30 days or less.

What, I thought; 30 days or less now, compared to my
1!/2 years. No way.

So now you can see  how surprised I was to have one make
it in Five Days. I was so surprised that I took this snap shot
and a video of this.

Image of Number 1 in Google Search in 5 days.
Notice, You can find this on your computer just using the
search as above.
This is a snap shoot of my computer screen. I am sorry now
that I did not take the picture of the whole page. This is the
first page and this is the #1 position.Notice that this is in
competition against  27 million 700 thousand other Web sites.

We have a wonderful place to develop our writing skills here
at IBO. However, if they don't see your web site, they will
never get to read your writing. First page of Google search
is where they will find you.

Would you like to be able to do this for yourself or contract
to do it for others, I can help you. We also have many other
tools in our program to enhance your success.

Are you tired of

  • trying this and that and loosing money and a lot of time?
  • listening toa tremendous sales pitch and then nothing?
  • feeling like everything is a lost cause?
  • loosing your self confidence?
Look, I already have contracts with some individuals
and companies to do their SEO. This is real business
and 10 to 1,000 times more profitable than paying
someone to let you work for them. How many times
have you found a job and you paid them so you could
work for them? Don't get me wrong, It is right to pay
rent for equipment or tools. It is also right to pay for
training, (but pay someone so you can work for them?)

How many times have you had the idea and tools to do
what only a few other people can do? There are business,
small and large who are hunting for someone like you with
this ability and tools.

Would you like to
  1. become known as the one who can really help people.
  2. be able to support your family without working night and day.
  3. pay cash for what you want, car, house, family vacations etc.
  4. people coming to you for your service.
If you do not have the skills yet to handle something like this 
we have other tools which we can teach you how to work with
to make money while you are developing the skills to handle more
sophisticated tools.

This is really too valuable and important to put it on a web site,
email, capture page, Splash page.

  • Let's get together on the phone.
  • Call me or send me an email and a time for me to call you.
Call me     402-327-2166
Write me

Harley Petersen
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