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Seeing is Believing?

Seeing is Believing?
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   I have always been excited about Airplanes since I was real young. My uncle had a Stinson 105 based at a grass runway airport about 1 mile south of my parents Fruit Ranch in California.

  Stinson 108 Airplane 3 passanger

   My Uncle Art took the time to show me most all of the airplane and took me for a ride many times during my pr-teens and early teens.

   I was so interested in airplanes that I would even take a date with me to an airport and stop and watch the activity.

   Fast forward from High School Graduation 1955 to 7-7-1973
(my birthday) Beth said, "well maybe you should learn to fly and see if it really is something you want to do."

Cessna 150 2 passanger Airplane trainer plane

   That is all it took,  I had my Airman Certificate in a couple of months. This Cessna 150 is almost like the one I received my It would cruse at about100 air miles per hour.

   I had joined a flying club in Blair where we lived in Blair Nebraska.
The flying club owned a 150 much like the one above and also a Cessna 182. This was a four passenger Airplane. I would cruse about 145 (?) air miles per hour. 

Cessna 182 4 passanger Airplane

   Then later as I became a Sales Manager over five states working with our Disturbers of Farm equipment an airplane was a very handy tool for this amount of traveling. So a friend of mine and I bought this Bonanza

Me flying our Bonaza 4 passenger retracting

   Many times I have had somebody riding with me in our airplane. If this is their first ride in an airplane they can be pretty Nervous.

   I remember one who watched me read and check through the take off check list and said to me,"If you have to read the instructions before take off, please take me back to the hanger." This was not a joke, he really was terrified.

   If I had a rider with me for their first ride, I would usually ask the rider to put their hand on the control wheel and instruct them to turn it a little. Now when they feel the pressure, they begin to release that the
air we live in and breath is something real even thought we can not see it.

   Is this developing faith in something that you can not see, smell, taste, hear or feel? Sometimes I have to remind myself that there is.

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