Thursday, February 27, 2014


| Pasture with Flowers | Barn in Background |
Bundle of flowers | Bull with cows standing behind

   During my 18 years working as a Livestock
nutrition representative, I saw a lot of rural scenes
 like you will see below and I heard many fun

   I also learned a lot about life and how it is so
similar to our lives. For example:

   There was a young man from town on his way to
pick up his date at her parents Farm House.  He
noticed some beautiful wild flowers on the way
and a thought came to him that his date might be
impressed if he picked some and gave her a bouquet.
                    Pasture with flowers Barn in distance

   He was pretty excited and intent on choosing
the different flowers. He was so intent, that he
did not notice the animals moving in behind him.
 He did not have many yet to make a beautiful
Bouquet. He kept on picking the flowers as the
herd was quietly closing in.

                    hands holding a bundele of

   He heard something like a sniffer, turned around
 and here was a Bull and a heard of cows behind him.

                   Image of Bull with Cows standing

He look the other way and saw the rancher
leaning on the fence. He shouted to the rancher
"is that Bull safe." The rancher said," O OOHH
yaw!  I would say that Bull is very safe, but I
don't know how safe you are."

              Randher leaning on Fence

   Are you in a new place in life or are you
running into new things, some of which are new
 and strange to you? Do you feel like it is over
whelming sometimes?

   I remember when I started out on the internet
in 1999, I was very green as many were even
though I had my first computer in 1983. We
used it for financial book keeping and writing
in place of the old typewriter. I also had abut
twenty five years experience in sales work.

   I finely joined a group by chance.The
developer and leader of that group was very
experienced.  He was a very good teacher
nd coach. He is still very active online today
and I appreciate him.

We have a big announcement coming soon.
I can't tell you about it yet because you can
not see it, but I can tell you this
  • You need it.
  • You want it.                  
  • We have it.
                                   Image of Question Mark

                      It is coming very soon because:

                we care for you at Petersen Enterprise

                                  Photo of Harley Petersen


                                 Harley Petersen

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