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Some of you know that I am a Pastor. Not as one which you know who Pastors a Church, but I am an Evangelist. In this position I work for churches who want me to come in for one or several special
messages or some kind of help.

   One day I sat in on a Bible Study Class. The class consisted of very young to very old people.

                Very young boy in suit and tie preaching on stage

As this Pastor was finishing up on a teaching about forgiving one's enemies, he wanted to drill the meaning of the lesson home so He asked for a show of hands of those who were willing to forgive their enemies. About half of the class raised their hands.

   He continued on reteaching some of the material and then He asked again, "Are you are willing to forgive your enemies." This time, 80 percent of his congregation raised their hands. Not giving up, the minister continued for fifteen more minutes.

                Very young boy in suit and tie preaching
              on stage with mike.

When he again asked for a show of hands, all members--except--one raised their hands.

   "Mr. Jones," asked the Pastor, "are you not willing to forgive your enemies?"

   "I don't have any."

   Pastor said, "Mr. Jones that is very unusual. I know you are eight-nine years old. Would you please come down to the front and explain to all of us how you have lived so long without making a single enemy in the world?"

                 Very young boy with a walker like an
              old man

   Mr. Jones shuffled up to the front, holding each pew to support his balance and slowly said "It's easy. I've outlived every one of them."

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