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You Can't Teach a D?? thing!

You Can't Teach a D?? thing!
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   She said "Harley, you can't teach a (?am) thing.
WHAT? Did I hear her correctly?

   I was shocked and bewildered did not want to believe 
what I heard.

  Well, let's go back to that fall day of 1955 and I will
have to explain a little background to you.

              Fall scene of horse in pasture

   It was in the fall of 1955 and I was just starting
out as a Freshman in this Christian Bible College.
 I was 17 years old and 1,600 miles from home.
I was in the class of (Class Room Teaching).
of about 75 students

   Miss Mac was probably in her late 50's or
early 60's. She was all of maybe
4foot 10 inches tall. (Maybe).

   The classroom was on the 3rd floor and
I had a seat in the back of the room. They
were Chairs with a writing pad on the right
arm rest for writing notes. Right behind me
was a east facing window. The sun was
shining on my back and I think I was mostly
asleep with my chin in my hand at 8am.

   Miss Mac had walked down through the
students in their chairs and was standing a
few steps in front of me and I heard her say,
"Harley, you can not teach a D?? thing.

         Photo of a classroom chair with arm for writing.

   I looked up at her (only slightly up as she
was not over 4ft.10in.) I was thinking, "Did
I hear her right. Did she really say that here
in a bible college."   

   She was silent for a moment and then said,
"Well, are you just going to sit there, or say
something or get up and leave or what?"

   I said, " I imagine  that you will be telling
me what."

   She laughed and said to the class, "if you
learn one thing in this class and in the whole
education from this college it is this. You
cannot teach a thing until you have created
a desire in the students to want to learn."

   Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the same
to you. You cannot teach (sell) anything to
someone until you develop in them a 
desire to learn what it is that you are selling.                        
      Man digging hole by hand with
              post hole digger
        Tractor mounted post hole auger
   An example might be like a farmer came
in to buy a post hole digger. Now, think 
about this. It is not the post hole digger
he wants, that is hard work. His desire is
the good looking, strong fence to hold his
cattle in the pen (etc).

          Good looking strong wood fence

   If you have helped him visualize the good
looking strong fence that he will have, then
and only then will he want to know the details.

   Finally, if you have satisfied his desire, how,
what, why will he want to know the price.

   If you throw all  the details, commissions,
methods, unbelievable expected income,
it ends up in their minds (your prospects)
 as "SPAMMING" me.

  • You need it.
  • You want it.                  
  • We have it.
                                   Image of Question Mark

                      It is coming very soon because:

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                                  Photo of Harley Petersen


                                 Harley Petersen

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