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   Why would I tell you about our Friend Lady. Well if
you read on I believe that you will also say that she
was our very special friend.

    It all started when she showed up at my shop. She
was young, but full grown. She showed up at my
shop with the door open and she came in slowly
and cautiously. I stood quietly and talked to her
softly. I gave her some water which she drank and
she sat down like this for some time watching me work.

   I got ready to go home and she followed me to
my old van. I opened the door and she was sitting
like this again and I said, "Don't you have some
where to go home to. Do you want to go home
with me?"

                 Photo of our dag Lady

   She got up and into the old van, She came into
the house with me and was quite as Beth, Russ and
Brad all said hello. They said," She acts just like a
little Lady." So from then on she was LADY. I
asked  the neighbor about her the next day and
he told me that she had been hanging around
for a week or more.

   A little background will help you understand
more. Beth has had the heart arrhythmia problem
since Birth. She has had five major Heart Attacks.

   One of the very special incidents with Lady
was when Beth was able to come home after
her second attack.

              Photo of our family on Porch of house. 

   Dr.s instruction was bed rest, quiet, etc. Well the
next morning we agreed that the boys go to school
and I would go to work. If needed, I was five to
ten minutes away.

   So the boys and I said goodby and I looked
down and said to Lady. Now Beth is not to get
up and walk around the house, Now Lady, your
job today is to keep her company and not let
her walk around the house.

   Lady walked over to a rug on the floor right
 beside Beth's side of the Bed. The three of
us said good bye and took our leave.

   That evening, the boys were already home
and met me telling me that Beth said that
Lady did not leave except the two times Beth
needed to go to the Bath room. She said
that Lady moved ahead of her and sat it the
middle of the hall way until Beth returned
to the bed and Lady followed and sat
down on the rug.

             Photo of our family and our campers in

   Lady was always ready to go camping and we
never had to call her back etc. Always acted like
she knew what Beth needed and that was her duty.

   Lady was like that most of the time. The only
 time she was not was when our Thermostat on
our furnace quit. Beth called our electrician. He
looked at the thermometer and went downstairs
to the furnace. As he came back up the stairs
very rapidly into the living room where Beth
and boys were watching TV. Lady had him by
the leg. Lucky, no harm done, but apparently
Lady felt protection was needed.

   Yes, we miss her, She had been part of the
family for 16 years. We wondered many
times, was there more to this other than
a loving pet?

More About that Soon. However my
absence has been working on this project.

We have a big announcement coming soon.
I can't tell you about it yet because you can
not see it, but I can tell you this
  • You need it.
  • You want it.                  
  • We have it.
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                      It is coming very soon because:

                we care for you at Petersen Enterprise

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